Retain Outdated Equipment

NEC DSX, NEC SV8100, Allworx & more

Do you currently use NEC DSX, NEC SV8100, or Allworx phones? We have some important information for you.

NEC DSX and SV8100 have reached “end of life”

The NEC DSX and SV8100 models have reached “end of support” and “end of life” by mid 2019. This means NEC will not manufacture additional parts, or provide software updates/upgrades for these systems. 

Parts will remain available because these models have large installed user bases but will become increasingly expensive moving forward. 

Allworx: No future enhancements

Allworx’s owner, Windstream, emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September, 2020. They announced the termination of Allworx field sales and engineering personnel; however, they will continue to provide inside sales (centrally based) and technical support. They will upgrade software as needed to maintain compatibility but have discontinued any major enhancements.

If you own either of these models…

You have the opportunity to plan for migration to a newer platform for voice communications. Many of the products under discussion are over 10 years old and due for upgrades anyway. Many businesses have migrated to IP technology during this timeframe, and within the last couple of years have moved to cloud-based voice.  Cloud communications offer more flexibility, higher quality, and lower total cost of ownership. 

What this means for you

This provides the following potential advantages:

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Reduced overall network charges from replacing older digital and analog technologies with IP and cloud services

Asset 8

Increased productivity options with features for remote working, collaboration (video and web/audio conferencing), mobile integration and more

Asset 4

Bundled services provide for flat monthly fees for all services including support and service

Asset 3

Ability to easily provide flexible remote work options for employees in local offices and/or adding remote offices

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Many customers realize overall cost savings or no/minimal added costs by migrating to IP/SIP technologies and cloud services

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Many customers upgrade their customer service and customer perceptions by providing easier access to the right individual when needed through: call queues, contact center, mobile integration, department direct dial and other upgrades PLUS better reporting and information to allow for accurate and efficient staffing of critical groups

Migrate to new systems with TEC

TEC offers a no obligation and no charge review via phone, video or in person of current system status and options for moving forward - including multiple quotes and options to migrate to new systems and technologies.

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Everybody on staff who interacts with [TEC staff] really likes them. So, that's huge.

Mary Knowles Business Administrator, MPBS&P September 21, 2020