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Identifying the best ON-PREMISE security solution couldn’t be more important for your business. Utilizing modern technology can drive additional value with more convenience & capabilities.

Traditional Security System Benefits

Reasons to buy business surveillance from 1853-2004.

  • Transparency into business management and office administration
  • Theft deterrence
  • Fire protection
  • Protection from lawsuits
  • Peace of mind

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IT-Driven Benefits

Additional benefits that are widely available today. Find explanations here.

  • Remote office control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Smart office automated scheduling
  • Lighting and thermostat
  • Access control

Access Control Offer

Get 5 free mobile credentials for every four access controls purchased

Securing your business can be enhanced by an Access Control system to control entry and track who enters, where they enter and when they enter. This can be done with card key, key fob, mobile credentials and keypads.

Planning a Business Security System

When architecting your business surveillance system we typically recommend you start by browsing available technologies. Driven by mobile devices and cloud apps, the capabilities and costs of business surveillance change every month, so it’s important to get a feel for what’s possible today.


Whether you plan to utilize a wireless system solely indoors or for monitoring an outdoor location, a wireless IP camera security system can be the most sensible option for installation in areas that will not accommodate hard-wired cables. Wireless solutions are increasingly cost-efficient and capable of achieving what was only possible with wired solutions in the past.


Wireless surveillance can extend up to 10 miles, so you can monitor separate building units or even rural areas where there’s a long distance between two sites.


Also called point-to-point, building-to-building wireless installation is ideal for distributed properties, such as on a campus or large plot of land.

We Upgrade Power Over Ethernet (PoE) To Wireless​

With new wireless technology at historically low prices, it only takes a small investment to enable just about any PoE surveillance camera to operate wirelessly. You can count on TEC Integration to turn a PoE camera system into a highly dependable ‘wireless’ system.

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Do I Need a Wired Surveillance System?

Though wireless technology has come a long way there remain many cases where wired solutions are either necessary, more cost-effective, or convenient.

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No Batteries​

Changing out a battery for every camera on premises can become burdensome as power requirements rise. For this reason wireless cameras operate best when restricted to specific times or to triggers like movement detection. Wired solutions do not have these restrictions and can be ideal for around-the-clock surveillance.​

IT-Driven Surveillance System Features Explained

More comprehensive surveillance solutions integrate camera systems with access control and “smart office” features via cloud applications. That means you can control and monitor commercial property from your mobile device.

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Remote office control

Mobile applications give leaders control to unlock doors from anywhere with an Internet connection

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Smart office automated scheduling

Smart hardware allows nuanced control of who can access rooms at different times of day.

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Lighting and thermostat

Smart office features drive energy efficiency and convenience.

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Access control

Access control systems can deploy smart locks or more advanced biometric scanners and gates.

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Remote monitoring

Keep tabs on commercial activity in real-time from mobile device.

How to decide?

Now that you have taken a brief look at what’s possible, the next step is to sit down and architect your surveillance system. Start by writing down the benefits that you are prioritizing, and separate needs from nice-to-haves. 

We recommend sitting down with a professional who has experience with a wide range of businesses and use-cases, someone who will take the time to answer all your questions, so you can be sure to gain the most benefit from your surveillance solution.

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