Physical Security Systems

Protect your team and your business.

Whether its a new or upgraded building surveillance system, a complete access control system or an integrated system that allows for seamless management of your entire security platform from a single screen, TEC Integration can install it. Given the nearly limitless security options available, figuring out what you need and where it should go is probably not the best use of your day, so we take the time to design and implement exactly what you need to make your space secure.

When selecting a physical security system, it’s important to know how the components will work together and what the desired result is. We work with you to secure areas and provide data and video capture to ensure your company and assets are secure while also accommodating how your team works. That includes everything from how the system will integrate to your other systems, to where the various components will need to be installed, and how varying configurations will accommodate how your team works. All of our solutions consider these various requirements because a building security system needs to work well in an emergency AND in the everyday routine.

We know it’s about more than keeping things secure. You also want to sleep well at night knowing you’ve done everything you could do to protect your company and employees.

Certified Butterfly MX installer​

Certified Hanwha WiseNet installer​

Certified 3xLOGIC access control installer​

Kantech Connected Partner

Genetec Certified Partner​

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