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What Can I Do To Make A Conference Room User-Friendly?​

Most will have to have some kind of screen and probably a camera for connecting people who aren’t physically in the same space. People are using their conference rooms for the familiar face-to-face meetings, but also for webinars, training, sales demos, and working remotely. When choosing the right technology partner for your conference rooms, whether it’s Zoom, Teams, Lifesize, Google Meets, or Polycom, think about how your conference room will be used. For example, if you’ll need a visual collaboration tool, the whiteboard capability in Microsoft Teams could make your short list. Beyond that, here a few things you can do to make everyone comfortable and confident when using your conference room.

Flexible work options for employees have been critical during the COVID19 pandemic and many businesses were unprepared for remote work. Employees started using their personal messaging apps to communicate with colleagues and customers. That works to an extent, but these apps expose personal information, such as social media statuses and personal phone numbers. In addition, the business transactions are often no longer traceable or recordable.

Remote Work

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