Your business through the eyes of a security pro.

Cyber security network

Think about your business. Maybe it’s a small office downtown. Or maybe it spans multiple factories and warehouses. Either way, what do you see? Potential? Profit? Valuable investments and physical assets? 

Yeah, that’s basically what a criminal sees too.

But security experts, like those at TEC, view things a little differently. When they walk into an office, they see a complex network of physical spaces, human beings, and budget constraints. And it’s their job to keep it all safe with a custom blend of three critical tools:

  1. Intrusion monitoring: Deterrence to prevent a break-in. Alarms to signal one. And the right level of monitoring and support to make sure that the right people get notified, right away.
  2. Access control: Modern technology that uses key cards or biometric markers to regulate which employees are allowed into sensitive areas of your facility.
  3. Surveillance technology: Cameras and digital records that give you the power to see what’s going on today and prove what happened in the past.

The first time they assess a space, what do TEC’s security experts look for? And what should you, as a business leader, be thinking about when it comes time to upgrade your current system or install a new one?

Six questions that help you find the one best answer.
  1. What’s your current security setup? It’s rarely a good idea to mix ’n match old and new systems. As we mentioned in a prior post, modern technology offers an unprecedented amount of precision and protection. And it’s usually cheaper than older systems too. (Believe it or not!) Plus, combining systems may introduce liability concerns that most business owners don’t want to hassle with.
  2. Do you need intrusion monitoring, access control, surveillance, or all three? Security isn’t just about setting off alarms when someone smashes a window. How much is your office equipment worth? How vulnerable is it to fires, employee theft, or even legal claims? And how important is it to have a partner monitoring the system 24/7?
  3. What’s the “why” behind your surveillance plan? Sure, sometimes a camera on a building’s exterior will deter a thief. But many organizations – like schools, retailers and churches – need cameras to protect themselves in the event of a lawsuit. And factories may have regulations that require them to install fireproof data security or blast-proof cameras. It’s important to acknowledge the real reasons surveillance matters to you. 
  4. Where are the common areas? It doesn’t matter how badly a criminal wants into your business, they still can’t teleport through a wall. There are always doorways, windows and hallways that funnel people in and out. Security professionals can help you identify these areas and leverage them.
  5. Does your business need to go wireless? Usually, wired systems work perfectly. They’re secure, reliable, and you never need to replace a battery! But there are exceptions. Maybe your office is in a historic building with brick walls. Or maybe you have to monitor a sprawling campus, with cameras surveilling long spaces in between facilities. Whatever the case, there’s always a solution that gets you the level of security you need.
  6. Who needs mobile capabilities? App-based monitoring lets trusted employees control your business from just about anywhere. They can scan through camera views. Get real time reporting on who’s in what rooms. And even unlock the front door of a location without leaving home. It’s a lot of power. And there needs to be a collaborative conversation over who accepts it.

Pop quiz. What’s the most critical part of a security system? 

Here’s a hint: it’s the same reason you’re in business in the first place.

Your employees. 

So at the end of a day, a security expert is a people person, too. TEC can help make sure the right employees get the precise level of administrative control they need to operate the system, without worrying about damaging it. And then train them so that they know what to do if the worst happens.

That way, you can go back to seeing the potential of your business.

And stop worrying about whether a criminal sees it, too.

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I keep going back to them. Their work is quality. Their work is good. They stand behind it.

Dan Doyle IT Director, Applejack Liquors September 21, 2020