Employee Spotlight: Tony Boles

Employee Spotlight: Tony Boles

This month, we get to know Tony Boles, a lead technician here at TEC Integration! Tony leads a team of technicians to complete tasks on time and budget for their customers. His favorite part of the job is completing a project knowing you are helping a lot of people get “connected.”

Prior to joining TEC, Tony worked in various technical positions including a traveling installer for cruise ship renovations where he installed, operated, and maintained digital signage and interactive TV for a fleet of ships. He also worked television events for sports teams such as the Denver Broncos as a TV scoreboard and statistics operator for Fox Sports, CBS, Altitude and other major companies.

Tony was born in Los Angeles, California. His parents met in ROTC and his dad stayed in the Air Force and worked for NASA so as a child, Tony was always involved in space. In fact, if he could be anything, he would love to be a helicopter pilot.

A fun fact about Tony is he met his wife while working on a cruise ship. His sister also met her husband while working on a cruise ship! Tony is happiest when he is playing on the computer, programming, or tinkering with random electronics. He enjoys camping and rock climbing and loves to be in the mountains with not a car or person in sight. Tony likes to read magazines such as Wired and Popular Mechanics and other online forums. His favorite superhero would be Deadpool and his favorite movie is Die Hard.

We enjoy having Tony on our team here at TEC Integration!

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I have worked with TEC Integration for over 20 years now and couldn't recommend a more quality, service driven company. Every job, large or small is delivered in a timely and professional manner. Great company to work with!!!

Richard Roundy October 20, 2021