Employee Spotlight: Peter Matino

Employee Spotlight: Peter Matino

This month, we get to know Peter Matino, Director of Business Development here at TEC Integration. Peter is responsible for all the sales and marketing functions at TEC to help us continue to grow. The best part about his job is working for a company that actually puts the customer first and has a lot of integrity.

Peter is originally from Ringtown, PA, a small farming community in Northeastern PA. Prior to joining TEC, Peter received his Bachelor’s in finance from Susquehanna University and was a SVP of Sales and MArketing at HEIT and RVP of Sales at Mindshift. Both companies were IT Managed Services companies who provided IT solutions to customers.

When he is not working, Peter enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and fishing. In fact, he taught skiing to people with disabilities in Breckenridge. You could say he is happiest when he is on a ski slope. Peter has a Blue Weimaraner named Harley Blue (that’s fitting!).

When he was a kid, Peter wanted to be a professional football player. The person he actually admires the most is one of the best professional football players, Peyton Manning. Now, if he could do or be anyone else, he would be a fighter pilot.

Peter’s favorite motto is “Respect is earned, not given.” And Peter has earned that respect here at TEC, and we’re happy to have him as part of the TEC team.

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Everybody on staff who interacts with [TEC staff] really likes them. So, that's huge.

Mary Knowles Business Administrator, MPBS&P September 21, 2020