Employee Spotlight: Jacob Wood

Employee Spotlight: Jacob Wood

This month, we get to know Jacob Wood, a lead technician here at TEC Integration. Jacob has only been with us for a month, but we enjoy having him a part of the team. His job includes educating new technicians and meeting all the deadlines for the site he is leading. He also lays out his team’s daily tasks and ensures they have the materials to succeed. The best part about his job is seeing the customer walk in and being happy with the finished product. Jacob started in the cabling industry 8 years ago and has worked his way up. He’s worked for his fair share of data companies over the years and some other jobs in different industries but has always ended up in the data industry.

Jacob is a Colorado Native (That’s rare these days!). In his free time, he enjoys taking his 5-year-old daughter for hikes, going fishing, taking her camping, or doing really anything outdoors with his daughter. It’s safe to say he is happiest when he is with his kid enjoying the little things in life. He also admires his daughter because she teaches him something new every day and blows his mind with how sweet and kind she already is. He hopes that when he grows up, he can be just like her!

His goal in life is to be someone his daughter looks up to. As a child, his grandfather was also a big influence on him and there was no one else he wanted to look up to or wanted to make proud.

We enjoy having Jacob on our team and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!

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 They understand what my concerns are as far as buying new equipment and budget. They'll recommend something that's appropriate.

IT Director, ViaMobility September 21, 2020