Employee Spotlight: Brandon Carmin

Employee Spotlight: Brandon Carmin

This month, we get to know Brandon Carmin, a Special Systems Tech at TEC Integration. Brandon has been with us for 1.5 years and works on surveillance systems, AV equipment, access control systems, and data cabling. The thing he loves most about his job is the people he works with, and being able to see the finished product of his work.

Prior to joining TEC, Brandon was a department manager at King Soopers and also took classes for criminal justice in college. In fact, he wanted to be an FBI agent when he was a child.

Brandon is originally from Greeley, CO. He loves and admires his wife, and is happiest when he is on vacation with her. They just hit one year since buying their home and they have a dog named Turtle. In his free time, Brandon enjoys playing video games and softball.

Brandon’s favorite book is Looking for Alaska, his favorite movie is Deadpool and his favorite superhero is the Hulk. His favorite motto is, “Just keep swimming.” (Bonus points if you know where that’s from!)

We’re happy to have Brandon a part of the TEC team!

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“They've always found a way, even when they've been busy, even when they've been in the middle of other projects to get [my work] done.”

Mike MacLennan Director of IT South Suburban Parks and Recreation August 21, 2020