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Most Precious Blood Catholic Parish

Most Precious Blood Catholic Church

Most Precious Blood Catholic Parish is a local Denver community. For those who don’t know what a Parish is, it goes beyond a building or place. The term Parish refers to the place of worship, but also the community itself, the activities taking place, and the district of the church under the care and leadership of a parish priest. Their team has built a campus and organization for their community to have a safe place to practice their beliefs.

A Need for Cabling

The initial contact with TEC Integration came from a huge need: Most Precious Blood was remodeling their entire campus, which is an entire city block. TEC Integration was chosen as the cabling integrator for the 3 separate buildings during that process. During the time on campus, the TEC Integration team impressed the staff at Most Precious Blood with their kindness and hard work. Mary Knowles told us “The team of technicians was kind and trustworthy while on our campus. We felt there was exemplary service from all of the staff involved.”

TEC Case Study Most Precious Blood Catholic Parish​ Need

“The people at TEC Integration are so easy to work with and great to have here on our campus.”


Parish Business Administrator

TEC Case Study Most Precious Blood Catholic Parish​ Solution
Continued Growth

After seeing success and quality work with the cabling the campus, Most Precious Blood decided to have TEC Integration help ensure that their security system was up to date. After learning more about their needs, TEC Integration installed a surveillance system and designed an access control solution for the campus. Now, Most Precious Blood has a top-of-the-line security system supporting the  entire campus, providing safety and peace of mind for their staff and community.

To continue building out Most Precious Blood Catholic Parish’s technology stack, TEC Integration also set up their gymnasium with a 150-inch projection screen and speakers for presentations and movie nights.

As Most Precious Blood grows, TEC Integration continues to be their partner in making sure all their technologies are working smoothly.