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Throwbacks are tough to get right. You want to transport guests into a different time and place… except with all the amenities and service quality that the present can afford.

Jeffrey Smith, owner of LUKI Brewery in Arvada, CO knows how to walk the tightrope between the past and present. His bar’s theme hails back to circuses during the Roaring 20s — a time when Americans were first developing a taste for new technologies like film, radio and vinyl records while still enjoying the wonders of the ages.

LUKI Brewery’s A/V Needs

Modern technology gives Jeffrey the same sense of excitement that audiences felt back in the day; only the nature of the technology has changed. So when he started to conceive of the A/V setup for his new bar, Jeff knew he wanted a well-built system, one that was easy to operate now and would continue to be easy to build on over time, as his brewery grew in popularity and opened new locations.

Like many endeavors, his A/V search started at But before he could finish rounding up businesses, TEC reached out to see  if he needed our help. We bid on the job and were chosen for the task of bridging the gap between the aesthetics of a circus in 1924 and the 21st century.

TEC LUKI Brewery AV Needs

“TEC’s service is what separates them from the rest of the vendors in the marketplace. Their positivity and deep expertise makes my life, and my customers’ lives much easier.”



LUKI Brewing

TEC LUKI Brewery AV Solution
The Solution

As always, we started by gaining a solid understanding of his business environment. We listened to Jeffrey and communicated multiple options, at several price points on services that would meet his needs. We focused on his customers, and we designed a state-of-the-art audio/video system to execute.

Structured cabling was the backbone with WIFI access points to provide flexible coverage and mobile connectivity. We installed networked televisions to provide entertainment that was far more dependable than the circus performers of old.


Jeffrey was and continues to be extremely happy with our thorough level of service. He has expressed many times how much he appreciates our positive attitude and the ease of using the A/V system we set-up.

TEC LUKI Brewery AV Results