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Inscripta is a life science technology company that is pioneering biotechnology and drastically improving the speed of microbial strain engineering. The company’s automated Onyx™ Digital Genome engineering platform is the first benchtop biofoundry, allowing scientists to accomplish what used to take years in a matter of months. They are at the forefront of life sciences technology, a position firmly grounded in experimentation and discovery. But in the complex modern world, groundbreaking work is not done in isolation; it is born of collaboration and teamwork

Scientists Needed Efficient Communication between Offices

Inscripta approached TEC Integration because they needed a more effective way to organize communications and conferencing for their Colorado office. The Inscripta team operates in Colorado and California, historically traveling between the two locations for company meetings. They needed a premium conferencing platform to support immersive communications and teambuilding, so that they could save cost and increase inter-office collaboration and coordination.

Soon after they began their search for a cabling and A/V provider, word of mouth brought TEC to the forefront of their search. We deployed technicians to the office to evaluate the opportunity and ultimately delivered a solution proposal and quote to Inscripta. They accepted.

TEC Case Study Inscripta Needs
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Web Conferencing Solution for Life Sciences

We went to work immediately. We ran cabling and set up an A/V solution for the Colorado office, so that they could conduct successful, productive remote meetings. TEC also ensured the environment upheld the highest security standards, so that groundbreaking ideas would be protected.

The solution allowed multimedia meetings to take place in a secure environment. As a result, meetings are held with greater frequency and without the need for travel, saving cost and increasing productive output. More importantly, our solution exceeded the customer’s expectations, which has led Inscripta to continually rely on TEC for additional projects. They know they can trust us to do the job correctly, within the agreed-upon timeframe and within budget.

That trust is why so many of our clients come recommended by word of mouth, and it is a point of pride for the entire TEC team.