Colorado’s Platinum 3CX Partner  

3CX is a single platform that integrates voice, video and chat. It scales infinitely, operates securely and satisfies the needs of today’s remote workplaces. With it, almost any business can boost productivity, reduce costs and improve their customer experience.

In Colorado, TEC is your Platinum 3CX partner.


Flexibility Where You Need It


TEC can deploy 3CX software in the cloud, on your premise, in an off site data center, or wherever provides the most value and reliability. We can manage the system end to end, or hand it off for your team to manage if you prefer. We will customize the design to work best for your organization.


end point

If your users are in office, remote, or, on the road constantly, our 3CX deployments offer simple access from anywhere and any device. Take and transfer calls from your: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or hard phone. No extra charge for any of these end points except for hard phones! 


Host your 3CX software on the cloud, or have it in an on-site server. Everything is included, no matter how you want it deployed. There are no software features you’ll have to get a la carte.



Pay for the software license monthly or annually. Purchase hard phones directly or rent them instead. Whatever your needs are, we will work with them to make your solution seamless.

Need Help Deciding What’s Right For You?