The Cabling Experts You’ll Hire Again & Again

Get your business running the right way the first time by talking to the actual people who will maintain, troubleshoot or upgrade your IT, security and telecom systems – TEC Integration, the expert’s expert.

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For everything from setting up a completely new facility to retrofitting a space for new occupants, we’ll design the right solution for you.



When you move to a new office location, you want the actual move to take the least amount of time as possible so your team can get back to work. So do we.

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Audio and Video

Make the most of the new flatscreen you bought for the conference room or the sound system in your event space by letting TEC handle the installation.

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They've always been able to adapt to our schedule and our needs, and if something comes up they're very quick to respond.

Jesse Armstrong Chairman & President, Greystone Technology September 21, 2020

The “White glove treatment” guarantee:

You will never get better service than with TEC

We’re known for our service, because we know even the best systems are just parts in a box unless they are installed properly, repaired quickly and correctly, and upgraded appropriately when the time comes. The TEC White Glove Guarantee means you can focus on your business instead of wondering how you’re going to get your communications systems back on track in time to reach your next client deadline or achieve that critical business deliverable.

Send us a message or ask any team member about our White Glove Guarantee to get all your questions answered.