3 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Phone System

upgrade your phone system!Is your current business phone system only good for making and receiving phone calls?  Are you constantly telling your employees, “sorry our phones can’t do that.” Do your customers complain that they can’t reach you as easily as they used to? If any of these sound even vaguely familiar, you may be reaching your phone system’s limits. It could be time to upgrade your phone system. Upgrading  can be the difference between a business that gets by and one that shines and succeeds.

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone System

Customer Service

This is the biggest sign that you should never ignore.  If your customers are complaining about getting through to you or that it is difficult to reach the right people in a timely manner or the quality of connections is poor, then your system is preventing you from providing the best customer service experience possible.

newipphonesystemInability to Expand & Maintain

An older phone system can be very difficult to expand or cost a significant amount to upgrade and maintain. Investing in a newer software based system or cloud solution can provide lower costs  and easy maintenance, in addition to many expansion options. Investing a significant amount to move, expand or maintain your current system doesn’t make much sense. Instead, explore an upgrade rather than spending money on old technology.

Lack of Features

Old systems don’t offer the feature set that a new voice platform will provide. Many of these features, such as: personal call routing, mobility, screen clients (for call control and integration), enhanced call routing, voice mail to email, and many more, provide true enhancements to employee productivity and much better customer experiences when they call your business.

There comes a point for any business when putting off the upgrade in technology is more costly than the investment.  Let us help you upgrade your phone system because technology should be an asset, not an anchor.

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