On-Premise vs Cloud Phone System?

on-premise vs cloud phone systemToday’s telephony and unified communications market can be confusing for business’ looking to adopt the latest technology – on-premise vs cloud phone system. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions we get – should my business use a cloud based system or invest in a premise based solution? The answer is — it depends!

Primary Reasons to Use a Cloud Phone System:

  1. Several small locations (i.e 2-8 phones each). This type of configuration lends itself well to a cloud deployment.
  2. Fast and unpredictable growth. A startup company rapidly growing may find it easier to deploy a cloud solution since it allows for seamless scaling and predictable expenses.
  3. Business has made a strategic decision to shift technology to the cloud. If your business wants everything in the cloud, for management, expense or other strategic reasons, then cloud telephony is likely right for you.

Reasons You May Use an On-Premise Phone System:

  1. Desire to maintain control over system in addition to redundancies and management of your communication asset.
  2. Main location is 20 phones and higher with no or several larger remote sites. As a result, this configuration is typically more economically served by a premise solution.
  3. Business has made a strategic decision to purchase technology assets as a capital expense and run them internally.

On-Premise vs Cloud Phone System – The Verdict

As you can see, both options can be valuable for your business, therefore it depends on your needs! These are just a few of the areas to consider when making a decision of on-premise vs cloud phone systems. None of these are hard rules that will fit every scenario. We can help you evaluate both options and design a solution using either type of system or a hybrid of the two options. Let us show you how to effectively implement a telephony solution for your business. Give us a call or send us a note!

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