Four Reasons to Invest in a New Phone System

Why should I invest in a new phone system? Our customers ask us this all the time. Many business owners believe their business is too small to benefit from new communication technologies. Others believe that their current system is “good enough.” This is rarely true! Here are a few ways you can benefit from a new phone system and current communication technologies. They can be an extremely valuable addition to your business.

1. Effectively connect your customers to the RIGHT people.

When customers are searching for information they want to find it fast. The right phone system and configuration can increase your customers satisfaction by making it easy for them to contact the right people when they need them. Helping your customers connect to someone who can assist quickly increases their satisfaction and boosts your sales because you are anticipating their needs.

2. Give employees flexibility when handling their communication.

phonehandA current, new phone system can provide your employees the option of connecting to customers and associates in the office, on mobile devices, from a hotel room or anywhere they happen to be.  As a result, the right communications system can make it easier and less stressful for your employees to respond to customers and each other.  Current technologies that integrate into your business can improve morale and improve retention. Features such as mobility, virtual office, conference calling, and enhanced call routing deliver the flexibility todays workforce demand.

3. Reduce costs and improve profitability.

Many business owners view a new phone system as a sunk cost. The reality is that the right selection can reduce your expenditures in many ways. Current technologies directly benefit your business with reduced service costs, reduced cost of making changes and simple administrative functions, in addition to reduced network costs. Because new communication systems eliminate downtime and streamline business processes they also increase customer satisfaction and drive new sales.

4. Communicate the best way for your business.

connectedsystemsA current phone system provides considerable flexibility to a business with office space and employee work arrangements.  Because of integration with CRM and service management systems, integration with mobile technologies, and the ability to manage and make changes quickly on your schedule and routing. Having control over your communication makes your business more efficient and able to adapt to the demands of today’s marketplace.

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